About me:

I’m an Art Director and CG Generalist with 10+ years of experience in creating animations and photorealistic 3D visualizations. I combine all of my skills to look at a project from a wide perspective, before working my way down to every last detail. I am looking for optimal solutions when running a project, and above all I focus on good communication with the client and the team.

In over a decade of my experience I’ve learned that to create really life-like visuals they need to tell a story. Now, let’s tell yours.



Lets you set and keep the
creative standards from the first design to the final product.

I write a script based on your initial concept, design a graphic style, create animations / special effects and oversee the final effect.


Brings your offer to life and
draws the attention of your clients like nothing else.

I use my commercial experience and filmic approach to tell an engaging story about your product, interior or architecture.


Gives you infinite possibilities to depict food / cars / interiors / exteriors / anything you can imagine.

I combine photographic approach with realistic lighting and life-like detail to create images indistinguishable from reality.